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Round 1:Online Test Python Coding

Round 2:

  1. What are HTTP protocols ?
  2. In Browser debugging Network Tab . Why there are different colors ?
  3. How Server decides that the particular user has logged in again and it servers the the requests ?
  4. What is CSRF in django? How it works ?
  5. What is options ?
  6. What is SQL injection ?
  7. ================================================================================
    # Problem Description
    # Let's assume you are given a window size of W and an array of integers S and that you can only see the W numbers of S in the
    window frame. Each time we slide the window over by one frame (from the left), we want you to output the maximum value within the window.
    # Print each element with white space in-between.

    # Test case
    # Each test case has only 1 line, and the first character is W, followed by array S. So below the input is W = 2 and S = [2,1,2,-1,3].
    # Limits
    # • The length of S is always larger than or equal to W.
    # Examples
    # input
    # 2 2 1 2 -1 3
    # output
    # 2 2 2 3


    inp = input().rstrip().split()
    W = int(inp[0])
    S = inp[1:]
    window = []
    i = 0
    while i <= len(S):
        window = S[i:W+i]
        if not window:
        if len(window) == W:
            res = max(window)[0] 
            print(res, end = ' ')
        i += 1
  8. Problem Statement

    We need to create a DB design for a company. The company has multiple departments like HR, Engineering, Sales, etc. and employees work in these departments. The system will allow us to manage employees and their project assignments. An employee can be assigned to one or more projects and a project may have multiple employees working on it.

    Please create basic tables and fields.


    Table Department(deptid, deptname), PK = deptid
    Table Employee(EMPID, EMPNAME, deptid) , pk=empid, FK=deptid
    Table assignments(empid, projectid)
    Table Poject(PorjectId,ProjectName), pk=projectid

  9. What is default log location in UNIX for running processes ? -> /var/log


    One of the most important logs contained within /var/log is syslog. This particular log file logs everything except auth-related messages.

    less /var/log/syslog # Check log line by line, use space to see page scroll
    tail -f /var/log/syslog # for running log
    The dmesg command prints the kernel ring buffer. By default, the command will display all messages from the kernel ring buffer.

    dmesg | less

  10. What is mean by chmod 666 ?

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