UNIX vi editor

Playing with case of characters in vi


Switching case of characters

You can change the case of text:

Toggle case "HellO" to "hELLo" with g~ then a movement.

Uppercase "HellO" to "HELLO" with gU then a movement.

Lowercase "HellO" to "hello" with gu then a movement.

Alternatively, you can visually select text then press ~ to toggle case, or U to convert to uppercase, or u to convert to lowercase.


Toggle case of the character under the cursor, or all visually-selected characters.
Toggle case of the next three characters.
Toggle case of the next three words.
Toggle case of the current word (inner word – cursor anywhere in word).
Toggle case of all characters to end of line.
Toggle case of the current line (same as V~).

The above uses ~ to toggle case. In each example, you can replace ~ with u to convert to lowercase, or with U to convert to uppercase. For example:

Uppercase the visually-selected text.
First press v or V then move to select text.
If you don''t select text, pressing U will undo all changes to the current line.
Change the current line to uppercase (same as VU).
Change current word to uppercase.
Lowercase the visually-selected text.
If you don''t select text, pressing u will undo the last change.
Change the current line to lowercase (same as Vu).

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