What is TypeScript?

TypeScript Programmning Language


Typescript is a kind of upgraded version of Javascript language. It can run on Node.js or any web browser that supports ECMAScript 3 or above. TypeScript is a statically compiled language that provides optional static typing, classes, and interface. It allows you to write simple and clean JavaScript code. Thus, adopting TypeScript can help you build more easily deployable and more robust software.

Advantages of TypeScript

  • TypeScript provides easy code navigation, bug prevention and maintainability of code. It supports Static Type annotation or Static Typing.
  • It also supports interfaces, sub-interfaces, classes, subclasses and ECMAScript 6 or ES6.
  • It comes with object-oriented programming capabilities with the inheritance of private members and interfaces.
  • Rich IDEs Available

Difference Between JavaScript and TypeScript

  • JavaScript is an easy to learn language whereas TypeScript has a stiff learning curve and requires prior scripting knowledge.
  • JavaScript is a scripting language but TypeScript is an Object-oriented programming language.
  • TypeScript supports modules but JavaScript doesn?t.
  • TypeScript supports static Typing that allow you to check type correctness at compile time whereas JavaScript doesn't support it.
  • TypeScript Code needs to be compiled but there is no need to compile JavaScript.
  • TypeScript support optional parameter function but JavaScript doesn't.
  • JavaScript has a large community of developers but TypeScript doesn't.
  • Airbnb, Codecademy and Instagram are few companies who are using JavaScript whereas TypeScript is used by Asana, Clever, Screen award, etc.


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