Python cx_Oracle

Oracle Database Connection in Python


Steps to Connect Python to Oracle using cx_Oracle connect

For communicating any database with our Python program, then we required some connector which is nothing but the cx_Oracle module.

  1. Install the cx_Oracle package

    For installing cx_Oracle :
    pip install cx_Oracle
  2. Connect Python to Oracle

    • Import database specific module
      import cx_Oracle
    • connect():

      Now Establish a connection between Python program and Oracle database by using connect() function.

      con = cx_Oracle.connect('username/password@localhost')
    • cursor():

      To execute sql query and to provide result some special object required is nothing but cursor() object

      cursor = cx_Oracle.cursor()
    • execute method :

      cursor.execute(sqlquery) -- -- -> to execute single query.

      cursor.execute(sqlqueries) -- -- -> to execute a group of multiple sqlquery seperated by ";"

    • commit():

      For DML(Data Manuplate Language) operation we need to commit() to reflect in database.

    • Fetch():

      This retrieves the next row of a query result set and returns a single sequence, or None if no more rows are available.

    • close():

      After all done mendentory to close all operation


    Connection using HOST and SERVICE NAME

    import cx_Oracle
    dsn_tns = cx_Oracle.makedsn('Host Name', 'Port Number', service_name='Service Name') 
    conn = cx_Oracle.connect(user=r'User Name', password='Personal Password', dsn=dsn_tns) 
    c = conn.cursor()
    c.execute('select * from database.table') 
    for row in c:
        print (row[0], '-', row[1])
    except cx_Oracle.DatabaseError as e: 
        print("There is a problem with Oracle", e)
        if cursor: 
        if con: 

    Note -if needed, place an 'r' before any parameter in order to address any special character such as '\'.

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