Iterate Array in Java

Use of for loops to iterate Array in Java


Use of for loops to iterate Array in Java You can iterate a array in Java using for loop.

There are two ways to do that.

  1. Using conventional approach of the "for" loop:

    Consider a String array array initialized as follows:

    String[] array= {"One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five"};

    Now iterate using counter and use of it as the index for the array.

    for(int i = 0; i< array.length; i++){
  2. Using foreach loop:

    Java provides a way to use the "for" loop that will iterate through each element of the array.Below is the example of it.

    for (String strTemp : array){

    You can see the difference between the loops. The code has reduced significantly. Also, there is no use of the index or rather the counter in the loop.

    Note -Do ensure that, the data type declared in the foreach loop must match the data type of the array/list that you are iterating.

foreach optimizes your loops, saves some typing and of course your time.

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