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NICE Interactive Solutions Interview Questions Experienced PL/SQL


Round 1: Online test for 70 minutes:

SQL/PLSQL - 15 Questions in 15 Minutes.
Analytical - 15 Questions in 15 Minutes.
DB Concepts - 10 Questions in 10 Minutes.
Write the program for given Question - 1 Question in 30 minutes.

The question was like below :

SELECT details of all the employees whose ename starts with 'J' and display the salary (.5) times of original salary. The result should be descending order of emp_id.

Round 2: Technical F2F :

  • What will be output(count of records in tables) of below in current session and in different session.
    create table a (a number);
    insert into a values(1);
    insert into a values(2);
    create table b (b number);
    insert into b values(2);
    insert into b values(3);
    create table c (c number);
    insert into c values(1);
  • Write PL/SQL block to print Fibonacci series.It should not be hard-coded and syntax should be correct.
    Answer :
    a number:=0;
    b number:=1;
    c number:=0;
    i number := 8;
    fib varchar2(500):= a |||| b;
        for j in 1..i
                c := a + b;
                fib := fib ||  || c;
                a := b ;
                b := c ;
            end loop;
        dbms_output.put_line('Fibonacci is : '|| fib);
  • What are the differences between functions and procedures with example ?
  • When to use functions and when to use procedures? Benefits of packages?
    Answer :

    Since most modules can be written either as a procedure or a function, the decision between them comes down to efficiency and maintainability. Functions are preferred when a module returns one value. This value may be a variable, record or array, but as long as the module always returns one value else it is a good candidate for a procedure.

  • What is explain plan ? How to show explain plan in readable format output in oracle?
  • What is two way commit ?
  • How commit in DDL statements work in oracle ?
  • What is index ? What are the types of indexes?
  • When to use Bit-map index ?
  • Find the number of 'a' in string 'abaabbaab' in a single sql statement.

    Answer : Using REGEXP_COUNT function.
    Other ways to do it :
    SELECT LENGTH(REPLACE('abaabbaab','b')) FROM dual;
    Result : 5
    SELECT LENGTH(TRANSLATE('abaabbaab','ab','a')) FROM dual;
    Result : 5
  • What are aggregate functions ?
  • How order by works in aggregate ? Is it before aggregation or after ?
  • What is single line function?
  • In Unix , What is the command to find all the processes running with Java?
  • What is a trigger ? Why do we use trigger?
  • If there are millions rows in a table and after each row trigger is applied,what will be impact on performance??should we use statement level trigger in this case ?
  • what is the difference between row level and statement level trigger?
  • Can procedure be called in a function or can a function be called in a procedure?

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