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Python Developer - Kapstone LLC Pune Location - Experienced Interview Questions


Round 1:

  1. What is run time polymorphism ?- overriding
  2. What is compile time polymorphism ?-Answer see here
  3. What is abstraction in Python ? Answer
  4. What is encapsulation(Benefit of it) ? Answer
  5. How to call a function without creating object of the class ? - call class methods
  6. how to do unit testing in python(django) ? - pytest and unittest
  7. What are sequences in python ? - generators, list, tuple they generate sequences of values
  8. How to store numbers 0-9 duplicated with 500 numbers with minimal storage ?
  9. What are the design patterns in django ?
  10. What is negative indexing and Benefit of it ?

    The negative index is used to remove any new-line spaces from the string and allow the string to except the last character that is given as S[:-1]. The negative index is also used to show the index to represent the string in correct order.

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