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UBS interview Questions ( PLSQL 6 Years Experience)


  1. Write a query to get the third highest salary of an employee from employee table?
  2. Write a query to get employee name, and average salary of his department against his/her own salary? Empname | Salary | Dept Salary
  3. Display "WELCOME" vertically i.e, each letter in different rows
  4. Write a query to get last day of previous month?
  5. Write a Query to output, all those participants from tab1, which weren't the winners
  6. select * from tab 1
    id    name
    1     divya
    2     lakshya
    3     navin
    4     siddharth
    5     rohan
    select * from  tab 2;
    id  event       winner_id
    1  crossword    2
    2  dart game    3
    3  puzzle       2
    4  quiz         NULL 
  7. We want to assign grades to student based on the marks they score in class-test, if marks are between 10-20 then assign grade C, if they are between 20-30 assign grade B, if they are from 30-50 assign grade A. What options out of below can be used to achieve this?

    Please tick all possible correct answers

    --> IF-Else-if
    --> Case
    --> Decode
  8. Suppose, you want to get a list of class-sections where Average marks of students in that section is greater than 30, which of below will you use ?

    -> WHERE
    -> HAVING
  9. Suppose, you want to get a list of students in each class-section having marks greater than 30 ?

    What will you use?

    -> WHERE
    -> HAVING

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