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who command

Unix who command



who command without argument will show the details about the users who are logged-in and system details.


pts/0 -> logged-in from another system : ip address details after date and time
:0 ->  logged in console : date and time

who -H

Display the account information with column names

$who -H

who -m

To show only hostname and user associated with stdin.

who -b

To know when the system was last booted.Adding the -u option allows for listing of logged on users in the same output.

$who -b
$who -bu

who -r

To know system run state.

$who -r

who -q

Count logged-in users along with one line list of users

$who -q

who -d

To show the dead processes.

$who -d

who -p

To see active processes spawned by init, use the -p option.

$who -p

Aliases crested for who command

$tail -5 .bashrc

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